About the Book

The assembly and organization of stories for "Love Songs of MIddle Time" began in earnest 10 years ago, however some of the artworks and poems within the book were created more than 30 years ago.

- - -

Provenance Excerpt

My daughter and I set out to dig a new well. The divining rod told us to begin in a spot that just happened to be where a fantastic view of the whole valley’s beauty could be taken in … a landscape painter’s paradise. The only human mark around was a partial chimney-like stone structure, half-buried over with centuries of earth and topsoil. We both felt it stood as a marker… an altar … reminding us of Mommo’s advice “Act with respect toward the things you affect.” So we gently dug through the soil, layers of straw and fragments of hewn timber, down to about 10 feet - then we stopped - for our shovels had tapped upon the top of a camelback chest still firmly protecting its contents.
    Carefully lifting out the trunk, we anxiously opened it. Our ears were the first to respond, for whiffs of faint sweet singing voices surrounded us with a sense of the mystical. Before us we saw the hundreds of faded drawings and scraps of writings awaiting to express themselves. Spellbound, our hearts awakened anew to venture through it all. Amongst the writings we noticed music symbols, notes and chords scattered like spice.
    Then and there, all our energy became focused on sifting through this treasure. 

- - -
The Studio